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Medium Christmas Tree Base – suited for trees up to 6.5ft. Made from a quality plastic mould, that allows you to have water in the base, keeping your tree hydrated and fresh. The 4-prong screw system allows you to adjust the position of your tree, as well as keeping it secure and upright.


Tree Stands in Melbourne

 Thirty years ago there was no such thing as the countless number of Christmas Tree Stands that are now on the Market. The going thing used to be a bucket full of bricks or sand to support the tree and every Christmas Dad would go hunting around the house for something suitable to store the tree in in the middle of the Lounge Room.

30 years ago we made one of the first commercial Christmas tree stands in the World when we welded up a 6 inch length of 4 inch steel pipe onto a square flat steel plate and they sold for around $5 each. They were all spray painted red and need angled wooden filets hammered in next to the tree to keep it straight.

Nowadays the only problem with Tree Stands is that people put them away after Christmas and come the Next Christmas they have forgotten where they stored them.

We have trialled a number of different brands over the years and sell only two brands now, Cinco and Kinberley. They are the best available and we stock them in medium and large sizes. 

The best way to erect your tree is  to firstly ensure that the base of the tree is cut square and that any low branches are cut off to ensure the tree will sit properly in the base.

Then  lay the Tree down flat and attach the stand in this position. Always ensure the nail in the base of the stand penetrates the centre of the tree and that the tree is central to the stand.

Wind up the screws evenly and maintain the stand at 90 degrees to the tree.

When all is tight, carefully stand up the tree, holding it so the base is kept off the floor till the tree is vertical.

With any luck the tree is straight, but if not put your foot on the stand and persuade the tree to be straight with small tweaks.

If its a massive tree perhaps lean it slightly into a corner or use fishing line or similar, tied to near the top of the Tree to support points on the wall

Don’t forget to add water as the tree will gulp it up in the first few days


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